What Time Is It? (Bass Mix) - Dont Know Yet - What Time Is It? (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “ What Time Is It? (Bass Mix) - Dont Know Yet - What Time Is It? (Vinyl)

  1. Voodoolrajas
    Jun 02,  · If you want to get your amp sims sounding right every time, I made a free cheat sheet to help with mixing bass guitar. Check it out below: Step 3: Balance Your Bass in the Mix. Want to know the biggest secret to mixing bass guitar? It’s so simple, but so overlooked. The big secret: Get really, really good at balancing the volume of your tracks.
  2. Meztigar
    What I do know is that records by labels like Analogue Productions or Analog Spark do sound so much better that it is nice to know how good my system can sound (New Horizon GD2 with AT VMML). I live in Europe and those records are so damn expensive here that it hurts a bit every time when buying them but they are so pleasant to listen to.
  3. Mazutaxe
    Jan 30,  · In any case, low bass response in vinyl is very much a function of the interaction of the tonearm with the cartridge and of cartridge alignment. The most simple-minded thing to try is to lower the rear of the tonearm a tiny bit, so that the pivot point is very slightly below plane parallel with the surface of the LP, and listen again.
  4. Yolkree
    Jun 01,  · We’re not going to debate whether DJ-ing with Vinyl trumps MP3s or CDs. Some think the sound coming from Vinyl is a bit rounder, with a deeper bass and actually dersverdirealfilip.anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.infoinfo MP3 sound lacks the warmth, which is why so many DJs are coming back to the basics– the Vinyl that is. Vinyl is so much more forgiving and a bit of clipping created by a DJ may give some unpleasant distortion if it comes.
  5. Gukinos
    Nov 30,  · The answer - cut the bass! Actually, this wasn't the whole of the answer or plainly the long-playing record would never have taken off. The other part was to put the bass back in on playback. It sounds good in theory - simply reduce the level of bass during the cutting process, then boost it .
  6. Vudogrel
    Oct 10,  · Also, even though playing back at 33RPM, the vinyl seemed a little quicker and inevatibly higher in pitch than the mp3, but I have just put a 10 pence piece on the middle of the vinyl which seems to let it play at the correct speed. Does anybody have any idea why there is such a lack of bass like this?
  7. Faukora
    When listening to music via my PS4, or mobile phone (Bluetooth) over the soundbar, I'm having good, loud sound, and good bass. However, as soon as I'm listening to an LP it's pretty silent and I have no bass at all. When I first bought the turntable, people told me, that I don't need a preamp, since my turntable has one built in.
  8. Ganris
    I began playing bass as a teenager, not because I loved the instrument but because my best friends were forming a band and needed a bass player. I figured, okay, if Peter Tork is happy playing bass (and Peter ALWAYS seemed happy), I’d give it a go.

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